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Starting Kit

Bental's starter alternator is a ground-based starting system that adds no additional weight or volume to platforms, while simultaneously enhancing platform capabilities, ensuring operator safety and reducing end user operating costs. The system uses the permanent magnet alternator as a starter in combination with a ground equipment staring kit with internal batteries. This setup enables numerous starting sequences for multiple platforms. A small number of starter kits are required to manage a full fleet of platforms, and no weight is added to the platforms. A charging kit charges the starter kit’s internal batteries and lab equipment when voltage drops.

1. System is dual purpose system:      
- Staring of a combustion engine
- Power supply the platform

2. The system comprises 3 components:
- Starter generator (according to PM Alternator)
- Ignition kiT
- Charging kit 

3. Components description
- The PM Alternator is a brushless machine that serves either as a motor in the engine's starting phase or as a generator in the electrical supply phase.
- The Ignition kit operates in the staring phase of the vehicles combustion engine. This kit is ground equipment.
-The charging kit is optional and used to charge the Ignition kit internal batteries. This kit is ground equipment.

1. Avionics and aerospace (UAV and other vehicles)
2. APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)

Ignition Kit
Item      Specifications


Lithium Polymer Dual Battery Controller
Batteries 2 Packs Of Lithium Polymer 37V 11AH Each Connected in series.
Nominal Voltage 74V
Controller Brushless Motor Driver 200VDC, 60A
Case Dimensions Length = 460mm
Width   = 370mm
Height  = 180mm 
Case Weight 13.3Kg
Protection Fuses 40A For Staring
10A For Charging
4A At The output Of each Cell
Discharge Current 40A Max
Charging Current 1.5A Max
Charging Voltage 42V +/- 0.1V
Staring Harness 2.5m With 17pin Bionet Power Connector
Batteries Status Display LCD Digital Voltmeter
Overall Protection 100ADC Circuit breaker Switch
Charging Kit
Item      Specifications


Lithium Polymer Dual Battery Charger
Charging System Lithium-Ion Polymer Charger With Balancer
Charging Voltage 42V
Charging Current 1.5A
Input Voltage 18V-36V
Case Dimensions Length = 460mm
Width   = 370mm
Height  = 180mm 
Case Weight 6.4Kg
Electrical System

1. Charging Circuit
2.Balancing System
3.Charging Status Indication LED
4.Thermal Protection During Charge 50°C

Power Input Harness 2.5m Length With Bionet 3 pin Connector
Charging Harnesses 2 X 60mm With 37 pin D Type Connector
Charging Status Display 2 Digital LCD Voltmeter
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