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Bental’s Electric Motors Extend the Range of Elbit’s Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (STUAS)

The Skylark 3 is a hybrid UAV equipped with a propulsion system consisting of an electric motor by Bental and the NW-44 multi-fuel internal combustion engine coupled with Bental’s Alternator. 


The frameless alternator supplies and regulates the electric system of the UAV; the motor propels the UAV in coordination with the Northwest UAV’s combustion engine.


The Skylar 3 results from a cooperation between  Elbit Systems and Northwest UAV, who presented it for the first time at the Singapore Airshow last month.


Bental’s electric machines extend the aircraft’s endurance and reliability with little impact on the size and weight. The Skylark 3 Hybrid switches to the electrical engine while operating above the Area of Interest AOI. 


Read more about this successful project in Northwest UAV’s press release.

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