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Milestone Achieved: Drives Receive USA Certification

Gevasol Group’s Motion Control Division members, led by Bental, collaborated to manufacture the Dolomite drive in the United States for the RM project.

The RM is a servo motor designed in Israel by Bental and produced at Octal in New Jersey. Bental, the original manufacturer in Israel, has shifted its production to Octal’s facilities.

The Dolomite, a family of rugged, compact, low-voltage, high-current single-axis servo drives, is now an integral part of the ROEM motor. It has recently achieved a significant milestone by passing a rigorous inspection conducted by Elbit Systems of America, a highly esteemed customer. This accomplishment underscores Gevasol Group’s commitment to delivering precision engineering solutions.

The collaboration among Bental, GFT, Gevasol India, and Octal, all members of the Gevasol Group, optimized production processes and increased efficiency. This effort enhanced production and resolved technical and bureaucratic challenges, reflecting the Gevasol Group’s commitment to excellence and synergy among its members.

Operating under the Gevasol Group, this collaborative approach empowers Bental to execute projects in the United States demanding superior motion performance, providing customers with greater control over system functionality.

In addition, Octal has recently passed a rigorous inspection by Elbit Systems USA.

Bental, GFT, Gevasol India, and Octal have optimized production processes and enhanced efficiency by collaborating and sharing insights. The exchange of knowledge and best practices has paved the way for a remarkable ability to overcome technical and bureaucratic challenges.

This collaboration under the Gevasol roof allows us to execute projects requiring superior motion performance and allow customer control over its functioning.

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