Bental's robust, field-tested electric motion systems have been in use in harsh environments for over four decades.

We supply electric power and motion systems for Israel's defense industry, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and military and civilian clients around the globe.

Bental's land, airborne, and marine solutions feature extreme ruggedness, a high power-to-low weight ratio, and proven time-tested reliabilityAt the same time, they are user-friendly and customizable.

Spotlighting its electric power and motion solutions for land systems, Bental offers DC brushless and brush motors as well as blowers.

These are critical to the operation of vital, complex systems; they are also reliable in challenging field conditions.

Featured Projects
Integrated Drive and Motor
The integrated high-power drive and motor assembly synergize a brushless motor and inverter (drive). It is designed to operate on off-road vehicles and other harsh environment applications.
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Missile launch conditions endurance, weight and volume efficiency.
Frameless motor, integrated into the actuator structure of the missile.
Bental F 024 055 HOMA
Elbit Elop
Civilian aircraft defense system protecting against light missiles.

Resistance to a wide temperature range, high torque, high weight to power ratio.
Israel MOD (Ministry of Defense)
Harsh environment requiring extreme durability resistance to high-temperature range, dust, shocks.
Over 20 different motors to address the different challenges in this super demanding environment of operation, where zero failure is a matter of life and death.
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