Medical Equipment
Engineers of medical equipment face multiple challenges in the design: shrinking space available, minimal noise at low-level signals, extremely accurate motion.

In addition, motors and actuators for medical applications must frequently endure hostile environments, caustic fluids, radiation or steam, elevated temperatures, vacuums, and physical abuse.

Finding solutions to these different demands typically requires custom designs, and close collaboration with the customer.
Bental’s dedicated and experienced engineering team is renowned for deeply understanding customers and their unique needs.

Our motors are compact, enable constant, smooth, and stable velocity with zero-cogging. Reliability in harsh environments is field-proven for over 4 decades.

Featured Projects
Ventway Sparrow
Light Weight High Speed Centrifugal Blower
Designed for respiratory assistance.
Works with Oxygen enriched air flow.
The P-Series blower can adapt its air flow and pressure by
integral drive and control (optional)
P500 r1 1
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