Integrated Drive and Motor
The integrated high-power drive and motor assembly synergize a brushless motor and inverter (drive). It is designed to operate on off-road vehicles and other harsh environment applications.
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Constant and extremely stable velocity, zero cogging, high accuracy of center of rotation, high reliability.
Bental developed a unique air bearing rotary BLDC motor that is assembled and tested in a clean room environment.
Ventway Sparrow
Light Weight High Speed Centrifugal Blower
Designed for respiratory assistance.
Works with Oxygen enriched air flow.
The P-Series blower can adapt its air flow and pressure by
integral drive and control (optional)
P500 r1 1
IDS 250
Velox Ltd.
Missile launch conditions endurance, weight and volume efficiency.
Frameless motor, integrated into the actuator structure of the missile.
Bental F 024 055 HOMA
Weight to power ratio, long-endurance, and high reliability.

The Solution: Two generators with a dedicated generator designed to distribute the load and allow redundancy between the two generator units.
Elbit Elop
Civilian aircraft defense system protecting against light missiles.

Resistance to a wide temperature range, high torque, high weight to power ratio.
Israel MOD (Ministry of Defense)
Harsh environment requiring extreme durability resistance to high-temperature range, dust, shocks.
Over 20 different motors to address the different challenges in this super demanding environment of operation, where zero failure is a matter of life and death.
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