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Made-in-the-USA motors and servo controllers

Manufacturing superior BLDC motors in India and the USA is becoming a reality, leveraging Bental’s extensive knowledge, experience, and proven track record.

Our vision took shape by actively listening to our customers in India and the USA. We recognized the need for “made in the USA” and “made in India” products to provide them with even greater value.

We now produce motors in India and the USA, broadening our vertical capabilities. Moreover, we offer a distinctive collaboration between our companies, designed to maximize overall value for our customers.

Here is an illustrative example:

Bental, GFT, Gevasol India, and Octal Jointly Produce Motors and Servo Controllers in the United States

The companies have joined forces to produce the RM motors and controllers in Octal’s facilities located in the United States. Octal has revamped and adjusted its production lines to accommodate the production.

In addition, Octal has recently passed a rigorous inspection by Elbit Systems USA.

Bental, GFT, Gevasol India, and Octal have optimized production processes and enhanced efficiency by collaborating and sharing insights. The exchange of knowledge and best practices has paved the way for a remarkable ability to overcome technical and bureaucratic challenges.

This collaboration under the Gevasol roof allows us to execute projects requiring superior motion performance and allow customer control over its functioning.

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